Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror)-13th Oct

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about this muscled actor, whose career is on the wane. He starred in several multi starrers, but never really had a solo hero hit. It didn’t help that his expressions were limited. He has always managed to stay in the limelight because of his romantic liasons. It is well known that his marriage to a woman settled in US has always been rocky & he is always open to one night stands with anybody who is ready to bed him.

Blind Item
EVEN as we thought the married beefcake and his single starlet belle had called time on their affaire du coeur comes this news. We hear the lover with largesse has bought his lady a plush apartment in Bandra, in the same building where another handsome actor lives with his wife. So where does that leave the married beefcake’s missus? In the dark again, obviously. Until she throws another tantrum and stages yet another walkout.

Our Guess
Beefcake: John Abraham
Single Starlet: Shruti Hassan
Handsome Acor: Akshay Kumar


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