Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror)-20th Oct

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When the biggest superstar offers you a role in his movie, you just take it. No question asked! Especially if you are an out of work actor, who has nothing to talk about, but a court case involving an ex who committed suicide. Wonder how he still manages to woo other women despite such a scandalous past. Bad boys indeed are chick magnets.

Blind Item
THE protege of a super star was present at the script session of his next action thriller. So we naturally assumed the young but jobless lad had landed a role in the film.Then we heard the troubled actor had refused the role, much to the chagrin of his mentor. But the lad called to inform us that he wasn’t even offered the part.Whatevs darling, the superstar has taken the film to a far more talented actor, whose sister is currently involved with the superstar’s brother. Now, that’s where the can of worms is waiting to be opened.

Our Guess
Protege: Suraj Panscholi
Mentor: Salman Khan
Talented Actor: Saqib Saleem


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