Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror)-17th Nov

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The latest blind item by Mumbai Mirror is a bit confusing. Not many clues are given for us to decipher the heroine they are talking about. It is either India’s first true successful Hollywood crossover star or a married hottie, who’s husband is known for his philandering ways. Rumor has it that her husband is known to hook up with other women frequently. It didn’t help that he was caught in a match fixing scandal. Looks like cheating is in his veins. Our crossover star on the other has been low key in India. No scandal apart from the one involving a certain superstar with whom she had a nikaah in Canada. It is said that it was her father’s dying wish to see her married & since it was this married superstar she was seeing back then, he did the needful. They still do meet each other secretly at a common friend’s bungalow.

Blind Item
WHILE this gorgeous female actor has been long known for her washboard abs and her pouty lips, we hear the stress of being on the wrong side of 35 is telling. Not only did she recently indulge in the new fad—the thread faceliftwhich left her looking all too Chinese, she’s also decided to give herself a dashing derriere. Thankfully, this won’t be a doctor at work. But a wellknown fitness instructor to the stars has been told that madam wants the best butt in the biz. No ifs and butts allowed.

Our Guess:
Female Actor: Priyanka Chopra or Shilpa Shetty