Pushpavalli(Amazon Prime Video) Review

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Pushpavalli is Amazon Prime Video’s latest sitcom starring comedienne Sumukhi Suresh. Amazon Prime has managed to impress time & again with their shows. Does Pushpavalli live up to their high standards?

A friend of mine broke up with his gf of 2 years. While he was done with the relationship, she was still in love with him. She constantly kept tabs on him via his friends, stalked him on social media & waited for 3 years before moving on. Watching Pushpavalli reminded me of my friend & his crazy ex.
Sumukhi Suresh plays the eponymous Pushpavalli & is also the show creator. Pushpavalli has a huge crush on Nikhil(Manish Anand). While we have all heard stories of crazy gf’s stalking their bf’s, Pushpavalli has been stalking Nikhil even though they never dated. She even moved towns to be close to him. She keeps calling him from different phones, often borrowing stranger’s phones to call him. She even pays off people to keep her updated about his whereabouts. The storyline keeps moving between the past & present, while telling us about Pushpavalli’s first interaction with Nikhil & their current equation. Pushpavalli has a over bearing & dramatic mom.

Pushpavalli's landlady
Sharaddha, who plays Vasu – Pushpavalli’s lady is superb.
She stays in a PG in Bengaluru with several other working women. She works in a children’s nursery, owned by her ex-schoolmate – played by Naveen Richard. Does Nikhil find out about Pushapavalli’s obsession for him? Do they end up together? Watch the show to find out.
While the dialogues alone won’t make you roll with laughter, the brilliant casting more than makes up for it. The coffeewala cum informer & her boss are good. Pushpavalli’s mother & landlady are scene stealers. The makers need to be lauded for the brilliant casting of these two characters. Sumukhi Suresh shoulders the responsibility of the lead role well. Several of the dialogues & jokes are in South Indian languages. But viewers can rely on subtitles to do the job. The direction is near perfect. The makers have done an excellent job of getting the best out of the cast.
There are no glaring flaws in the show. We did wonder why the character of Pankaj was so angry & abusive? While the show is good, it will make you cringe at Pushpavalli’s behavior at times. The show is good, it is not addictive as hell. We did find ourselves thinking about the antics of various characters on the show & laugh about them after we were done watching the show.
But we would recommend you to watch it nonetheless. It is quite unlike what you have seen for a while.

Our Rating: ****/5 stars

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