The Crown (Netflix) Season Two Review

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The Crown – Neflix’s critically acclaimed drama is back for a second season. What can viewers expect from the second season of the hit show? Read our review to find out.

The first season of The Crown starring Claire Foy, as Britain’s longest serving monarch was one of the best drama’s of the year. Netflix seems to have perfected the art of making dramas. We were impressed with the amount of pain staking research that went into making a show based on a living legend. While the first season dealt with The Queen’s ascension to the throne & the 1940’s to early 50’s. The second season deals with major issues concerning The Crown & UK in the late 50’s & early 60’s. Suez Canal Crisis, trouble in the royal marriage, Princess Margaret’s affairs are the story arcs which dominate the second season. Lord Mountbatten makes an appearance in this season & is shown to acknowledge his wife’s dalliance with PM Nehru. The episode involving Lord Altrincham is our favorite episode from the second season. It is an episode which will resonate with people across countries, who are passionate about challenging the status quo. President Kennedy & his wife Jacqueline Kennedy too make an appearance.

The Crown
Prince Philip works out a neat deal for himself in the second season
Prince Philip continues his philandering outside his marriage & someone close to him pays a hefty price. Although Prince Philip himself works out a neat deal with his wife, post being involved in a scandal. The scenes involving Princess Margaret & her new love interest are very romantic.
The makers of the show have done a splendid job. Just like the first season, the second season too is a delight. The casting, script, direction, set all are perfect. Claire Foy is superb as the lead character. Matt Smith who plays Prince Philip delivers a subtle & nuanced performance. Watch out for John Heffernan as Lord Altrincham. He does make the director proud. Credit does go to Netflix, for raising the bar for dramas by wholeheartedly backing the show. Netflix has spent a huge amount on the sets, costumes, research & it shows. Netflix truly has ushered in the golden age of television. It is shows like The Crown, Mindhunter, Narcos, House Of Cards to name a few, which make the monthly charges worth every penny. Netflix is the gold standard when it comes to dramas. With such an excellent team of writers, there is nothing that they can do wrong!
Do we need to really spell it out whether we recommend you to watch this show? This show is highly recommended viewing. Not only is the show entertaining, you will end up learning a lot about British history thanks to this show.

Our Rating: *****/5 stars

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