Bala Talks About The Leaked Phone Call Between Him & A Producer’s Wife

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Bala’s phone call was leaked. He was talking to a lady, who is the wife of a famous producer. Read our article by Tejaswini for more details

Bala and Amrutha Suresh

Bala and Amrutha Suresh were once a beautiful couple who parted their ways after disputes. Amrutha also said that the decision of her getting married to Bala was incorrect and she was stubborn.

This stubbornness leads to both marriage and divorce. She considered her marriage life to be a sad phase in her life and she takes sole responsibility for it. She told that her parents and sister always supported her although she took incorrect decisions. They never blamed her for this and always supported her.

The phone call

After their divorce, recently a phone call was released on social media where Bala was talking to a female. She was a leading producer’s wife. He opened up about the leaked phone calls saying that he understands who is the reason behind this entire thing.

He also said that he keeps recording calls as he broke up with his wife recently and they are undergoing a few disputes.

And maybe this call was also recorded in that process and he has no clue how it got out in social media. He also says that there is a person behind this.
He said,

” As many will be aware of my divorce case, I had to record a few phone calls for security reasons. The conversation that is out on social media was almost a year back and the recording is being circulated all for wrong reasons. I don’t know how the call conversation had leaked, but I know for sure those behind such activities are all out there trying to defame me. As of now, I do not intend to take any action on anybody as others will also be affected and I don’t want that. All I wish is for a happy life for myself and those who are out there”.

In the statement given by him, he said he knew the reason behind this leaked phone call.

Who is responsible for this?

The conversation in the leaked call is about his ex-wife. Is he indirectly pointing out at his ex-wife or is it someone else that did this?

He also mentioned and wished the other person a happy life cause if he did something against them, he would hurt others too.


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