American Vandal(Netflix) Review

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The first few names which pop up in your head when you think of the mockumentary genre are ‘The Office’ & ‘Modern Family’. Both are certified hits & have a huge cult following. Thus, we had high hopes from American Vandal. The trailer itself cracked us up. We were eager to know whether the show is as good as the trailer.

American Vandal is a mockumentary which revolves around the vandalising of 27 cars, allegedly by Dylan Maxwell – a notorious prankster of Hanover High school, who gets expelled for being charged guilty of the crime. Whether he committed the crime or not forms the crux of the story. I can’t think of a single mockumentary which I have not ended up liking. The first episode as expected was hilarious. But what we were sceptical of, was whether there was enough juice to last 8 episodes. We are glad to find out that there wasn’t a single episode which bored us or felt stretched. The show is a good satire of the ‘True Crime’ type of shows, which have gained a lot of prominence recently. The plots & sub plots are hilarious. The element of mystery around the show, kept us intrigued throughout. We couldn’t guess the culprit till the end. The writers at Netflix need to be commended for doing a brilliant job. This show will leave you rolling with laughter. Some scenes & interviews are just outright hilarious!
Tyler Alvarez(Peter Maldonado) & Jimmy Tatro(Dylan Maxwell) are brilliant in their respective roles. The supporting cast too lives up to its expectations & is well cast for their roles. We are definitely fans of the show & cant wait for the next season.

Our Rating: ****/5 (totally bingeworthy)


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