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Annabelle Creation Review

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We walked into the theatres with high expectation from the newest installment from the Conjuring – Annabelle universe. The first installment had it’s share of scares & was a good watch. The latest one is the prequel to the first Annabelle movie.\

The story begins with The Mullins – residents of a small town in America, who lose their child at an early age. The story then fast forwards to a group of orphans who are looked after by sister Charlotte & are welcomed to stay at the Mullins home, 12 years post the death of their daughter. What follows is a series of horrifying incidents. Although the first half has a good storyline, it has limited scares. Whereas, the second half is full of horrifying moments.

Director David Sandberg- who directed the spine chilling – Lights Out does a decent job with the movie. He manages to extract decent performances from his cast. But for an avid horror movie buff, Annabelle Creation falls short of expectations, especially considering the level of other movies from the universe namely The Conjuring 1 & 2, and even its predecessor. The movie is not as scary as it should have been!

Our Rating: ***


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