Attraction Killers: Things Men Do That Kills the Attraction With Women

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You may think the best way to a woman’s heart is to flatter her constantly. Hey, that is what our movies & TV shows have thought us right? Unfortunately, those nodding in agreement are completely wrong. Although women will never admit to it, but they look down on men who keep flirting & flattering them all the time. You can rest assured that you will be friend zoned if you keep complimenting her all the time & showering her with attention (unless she has severe self esteem issues or you are filthy rich). Compliment her only when you think she deserves it & not just for the heck of it.

The Opinionated Indian lists out the various things that women find repulsive in a man. Things that kill the attraction the woman has for you.

1) One Liners: In my lifetime, I am yet to see one instance when a corny one liner has worked on woman. They work only when a woman uses it! Please stop using those one liners to start a conversation with a woman & just talk to her casually to break the ice.

Women hate it, when keep staring at their breasts during a conversation

2) Women hate it when men keep glancing at their breasts, during a conversation[/caption] Looking at her X-rated areas: To slyly glance at her assets is one thing & staring at them throughout is a totally different ball game altogether. Women hate it when men constantly keep looking at their boobs/ass. They prefer men who do not look at them as mere sex objects & respect them as equals.
3) Constantly Seeking Her Approval: This is the best way to get friend zoned! Women hate a man who is not in charge & keeps seeking their approval on everything. If she doesn’t like something she will tell you, trust me! If you ask her out for a movie & she accepts, tell her which movie you want to watch or if you are at a restaurant you suggest the dishes which she should taste. Let her respond to your suggestions. Do let her have it her way, if she strongly persists. But, do not always let things go as per her choices. Do not hesitate to put your foot down, if she is always the one deciding or else she will start treating you like her doormat.
4) Low Self Esteem: Women can smell a man with low self esteem a mile away. They hate men with low self esteem & self confidence issues. Women dig men with high self esteem & amazing amounts of confidence. Don’t let her know, that you or your family or your friends think of you as a loser!
5) Stingy: It is one thing to be frugal & a different thing to be stingy. Women can easily spot the difference. Women are programmed to look at their dates as good providers, who will keep them secure from harm, irrespective of whether they are looking for a relationship/getting married/just get laid. Hence, men who take women to cheap places or make their women travel by bus or in extreme cases make her walk a lot are most likely to get rejected. We totally understand you have budget constraints, but that shouldn’t stop you from taking her out for a movie at a decent theatre or dinner at a family restaurant & travel by cab/rickshaw (unless you both are from the lower strata of society). If she is too demanding & keeps insisting on premium restaurants, expensive clothing & is too high maintainence, it is better you get rid of her!
6) Touch: You may think, you slyly brushing your hands against her boobs or trying to get close or “touching her everywhere in a friendly way” went unnoticed, then you are completely wrong. Not only did she notice your inappropriate touch, she will also tell all her friends & family about what a creep you. You need to be ostracized you perv!! On the other hand, not touching her ever will increase awkwardness between you both. Greet her with a friendly hug when you meet her & when you drop her off. Frontal hugs are more effective than side hugs.
Constant texting & or calling, kills the excitement. It will eventually kill the attraction

7) Constant messaging or calling: Women just hate it when you are always available. Men who constantly text or call their crush are most likely to get friend zoned. Even if she keeps texting or calling you, do not stay constantly in touch. Give her the gift of MISSING YOU!! . If you are busy, do not hesitate to tell her you will get back to her. Trust us, she will not run away. Women love a man in command & not seeking their approval.
When you are not texting or calling her, she will keep thinking about you & think of all the fun moments she had with you. Constantly conversing kills the excitement thanks to the law of diminishing marginal utility & makes you look boring. One of the most common reasons why guys get friend zoned!

8) Don’t get hen pegged: Women lose attraction to men who always do as told. They love macho men who clearly know what they want & will not compromise. Keep in mind, we are not asking you to always oppose her. But, if you strongly disagree to what she wants or has to say, make it clear to her & stand by your principles. If you do not muster the courage to speak your mind, she will dump you for being a loser anyway!
9) Compliments: Complimenting her for fer figure is a strict no no! When it comes to compliments, do it in a way which doesn’t give away that you are dying to get into her pants. Compliments like ” You smell good, whci perfume is that?” or “You are looking good” at the start of the date are totally acceptable. But, please restrict the number of compliments to 1-2 per date.
10) Telling her how you feel: We have saved the most repulsive habit for the last. When you meet an attractive woman, you start a sort of a dance. Women love drama, whereas men hate it. women love the romance to unfold at a slow pace. Whereas men just love it, when a woman just walks up to them & asks them to take them to nearest hotel. Telling a woman how you feel, very early on kills the attraction & gives her total control over you. Like we said earlier, women love macho men who are not easily controlled. Keep the suspense on by not proposing to her & by teasing her. Accuse her of having the hots for you in a playful manner & see how she reacts. If she smiles when you do it, you have a very good chance with her. If she starts yelling & fuming at the suggestion, then get the hint! Do not propose to her until you are supremely confident of her saying yes. In fact, we suggest you to keep dropping subtle hints that you are into her & never really saying it out loud, until she makes it obvious that she is into you.

Keep these things in mind & see your success rate with women go up drastically. Do mail us success stories to


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