Avengers: Infinity War Review

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Our favorite heroes from the marvel universe are back in Avengers: Infinity War. We eventually did manage to take time out for the movie. Read our review of probably the most highly anticipated Hollywood movie of the year.

We went for the without any recollection of the previous installment of the franchise. We had seen & thoroughly enjoyed Black Panther & Captain America: Civil War. Fans will be happy to know that you need not watch all the previous installments to follow the story. The heroes narrate & bring us up to date. But we must warn fans, that this installment of Avengers is unlike any you have seen till date. If you bet your money on a predictable script, with the avengers kicking the villain’s butt be ready to lose big.

The movie starts off with Thanos(Josh Brolin) destroying Asgard & acquiring the power stone. He now starts off on his quest to acquire two more stones.

Every superhero from the marvel universe makes an appearance in the movie. This ends up diluting the aura of the superhero
Acquiring these stone will give Thanos power to kill half of the universe in an instant. Thanos is made aware that the remaining stones are available at different parts of the earth. Having defeated two superheroes, Thanos believes nothing can stop him in his mission. Can the combined might of Ironman – Tony Stark(Robert Downey Jr), Doctor Strange(Benedict Cumberbatch), Hulk(Mark Ruffalo), Captain America, Black Panther(Chadwick Boseman), Spiderman, Vision(Paul Bettany), the entire cast of Guardians of Galaxy franchise & several more superheroes stop Thanos in his tracks is the million dollar question.

Fans of the franchise will be delighted with the movie. The movie is an action packed adventure. It has great visual effects, strong storytelling & a tight script to boast of. With a bevvy of superheroes to grace the screen, we felt it was worth the money we spent watching the movie in a packed theatre on a Tuesday, which happened to be a Labor Day holiday. The makers have worked hard on the movie & it shows. They definitely didn’t get complacent & rely on the franchise’s pull to make it succeed. The $400 million spent on making the movie, will give Marvel & distributor Walt Disney truckloads of money in return.

The movie does have its share of flaws. With several superheroes being part of the script, neither one of them manages to make an impact. Die hard fans of superheroes will be disappointed by the little screen time given to their favorite superhero. All the superheroes just keep coming & going. In fact it is Josh Brolin as the villain – Thanos, who makes the maximum impact. One gets the feeling that the movie has no superheroes, just heroes! The movie feels like an expensive TV episode rather than a typical hollywood flick. The makers fresh off counting the billions made from Age of Ultron probably thought it was better to milk the series by making them in a series format. Fans who wish to see the storyline conclude in one movie be damned!

As much as we may crib about Marvel making the Avengers franchise into a money making machine, we did enjoy the movie. We are eagerly awaiting the next installment of the franchise, expected to release in May 2019. Do watch the movie at a theatre near you. Do not miss it. Wait for the bonus scene which appears 7 mins after the end credits start to roll. All those people tweeting about how over rated this movie are trying to sound different & look cool!

Our Rating: 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)


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