Batman Arkham Knight (Xbox One) Review

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We are huge Batman fans. After religiously viewing all Batman TV shows & movies, we had huge expectation from the Batman game franchise. Having throughly enjoyed Arkham Asylum, we were excited to lay our hands on the third installment of the Batman franchise. While the previous edition involved The Joker, this one has batman fighting the Scarecrow & the Arkham Knight.

The challenge fight sequences are fun. The gadgets are a delight to every batman fanboy. The music is right on the money. The best part of playing Batman remains cape-gliding & driving around in a rocket powered transforming batmobile. The coolest part of the batmobile is that it can be remote controlled.

Cape Gliding through the city & tank battles are the best things about the game
There a quite a few instances where it gets you out of tough situations & plays an important part in taking the story further. You also have the option of transforming your batmobile into a tank! Which though is a bit weird coming to think of it, is a lot of fun when you get to destroy enemy tanks on the street & battle drones as well .It is fun exploring Gotham City – which is huge! & taking down rogues on the street on our way to missions. The noticeable landmarks Ace Chemicals, Wayne Tower & China Town district The graphics is far superior vis-a-vis its predecessor, but the frame rate is an issue.
A few scenarios involve fighting along Robin, Batwoman or Nightwing. There are a lot of side quests which involves the Penguin, The Riddler & Two Face. Rocksteady Studios couldnt resist keeping The Joker out of the game. So, the Joker too makes an appearance. The best part of the game is undoubtedly racing & battling tanks. This is definitely the best game in the series. The detailed maps, challenge fights, graphics & music take it to a different level altogether. Please buy this game if you have’t already!

Our Rating: *****/5


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