The Most Stylish Bollywood Celebrity

The new generation of bollywood celebs are just as stylish & fashion conscious as their hollywood counterparts. But who is the most stylish of them all? Read our article to find out!
The Most Stylish Bollywood Celebrity

The new generation of bollywood celebs are just as stylish & fashion conscious as their hollywood counterparts. But who is the most stylish of them all? Read our article by Stutee Sampriti to find out!

Most Stylish Bollywood Celebs

“Style is a way to speak who you are without having to speak”!
And truly the Bollywood Celebs rule the fashion industry with their unique style,brave choices and distinguished personalities!

So here are the five most talked about and most stylish Bollywood celebs whose fashion sense speaks makes them stand out!

1.Sonam Kapoor

The Most Stylish Bollywood Celebrity
Sonam Kapoor is easily one of the most stylish & fashionable celebs in Bollywood

We cannot begin the list without having Sonam Kapoor as the first one when it comes to fashion. She has brought a revolution in fashion by experimenting with new styles and her style is always unique.
She is a fashionista and the outfits she chose for her wedding festivities are a proof of them.
She has a very good taste and choice in outfits and she so correctly knows what should be wore when !
Sonam has a very big advantage in her sister Rhea Kapoor as her stylist and they never fail to surprise us and wow us with their sartorial choices.
Her Instagram account is a proof that how much stylish she is and how much efforts she puts into fashion !
The Neerja Star has also wore some top labels as well as clothes of new upcoming designers.
But what she lacks in comparison to others is that she looks quite same in all the outfits she wears and the grace and the elegance is what that lacks !

2.Katrina Kaif

The Most Stylish Bollywood Celebrity
Katrina Kaif’s svelte figure & charisma makes her a style icon despite minimum accessories, simple clothing style

Katrina Kaif is a fashion icon by default.She talks less about her clothes or style but looks good in almost everything she dons. The actress in known for her good looks and svelte figure that make her look fabulous always.
Katrina keeps it simple and put on very minimum accessories. She always prefers light lipsticks and very minimal makeup. It seems like she always wants to be on the safe side and never experiments, her poses, her clothe the designers she wears are always of same kind.
No doubt she is beautiful, but she looks almost same in all the events and it looks like it’s just a pretty face which makes her look good and the outfits she wears seems of almost same fashion always.

3.Priyanka Chopra

The Most Stylish Bollywood Celebrity
Priyanka Chopra always manages to stand out due to her unique sense of style

Taking both Bollywood and Hollywood by storm is Priyanka Chopra who has made headlines with her bold choice of outfits.
The recent Met Gala 2019 is a very big example.
She always wants to wear something new and be different and unique from all others.She has a different level of confidence and she manages to pull every outfit!

While she was always among best dressed list in India,her impeccable appearances in US and in Global platforms like Oscars, People’s Choice Awards and other red carpet events.
She is the one who is always criticised because of her odd styles, no doubt having bold and risky choices is good but sometimes keeping it simple looks good and only elegance and grace is needed. This is where PC lacks, in simplicity!

4. Alia Bhatt

The Most Stylish Bollywood Celebrity
Alia Bhatt is not averse to experimenting with her choice clothes & accessories. Her recent fashion choices made her stand out!

The young,chirpy,bubbly,cute actress is also one of the most stylish Bollywood Celebs and one of the best dressed actresses in Bollywood.
Alia’s dressing style is always very girly,comfy and fresh and an inspiration to a lot of girls out there!
She can make the simple outfits look stylish and her Instagram account is like a destination for tips and ideas about easy styling and her fashion sense and outfits doesn’t seem like of a big Bollywood celebrity,her sense of style is often aped by young college girls!
Being very young as compared to other celebs, she lacks maturity and the grace !
She even looks cute in a saree and the way she carries it need to be upgraded, Fashion is not only about wearing clothes,it is about with how much elegance and grace you are carrying it !
She has to change her makeup looks because she looks similar in all the outfits she wears because of her makeup!
She though experiments with her hairstyle always,need to experiment with her outfit too !

5. Deepika Padukone

The Most Stylish Bollywood Celebrity
deepika is a clothes horse. her supreme confidence & good style sense makes her a style icon

Deepika Padukone has one of the best bodies in Bollywood and she flaunts it well in clothes.
She carries everything she wears with utmost grace and elegance because of which she is also know as the “queen of Bollywood”.
As Deepika was earlier a model, I feel her fashion sense is the best as compared to others!
She perfectly knows what to wear on which occasion and she looks best in both traditional and western attires!
She always makes the right choices and seldom makes a fashion faux pas.

And most interesting thing is that, even if she repeats her outfits sometimes but it always seems different.
The persona she has makes her different from others !
Be it as a Rani in Padmavaat or as a bookworm in Yeh Jawaani Hai Dewaani, she carries everything in confidence!
She is truly a proof of the saying that “ The only real elegance is in the mind; if you’ve got that,the rest really comes from it.”
Some words of DP, “ My style has always been simple,very basic. I like my outfits to be comfortable and wearable” !
Being comfortable in what you wear is the most basic thing in fashion!





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