Bigg Boss 12: Surbhi Rana Becomes The First Finale Contestant

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Surbhi Rana has become the first confirmed contestant in the Bigg Boss 12 finale week. Read our article for more updates.

The dramatic sequel show of Bigg Boss season 12 is taking turns every now and then. Once again, the current season has been pulling huge number of audiences glued to their TV sets watching the prime time world of the in-house ups and downs. Reaching the Day 93 episode, the contestants were woken with the tune of “Sawan me lag gai aag”.
With the season moving towards its finale destination very soon, the first name entering the Finale week is Surbhi Rana.
However, Dipika Kakar and Romil Chaudhary had had a major argument on whom to save amongst Karanvir Bohra and Surbhi Rana for the Bigg Boss Fire Station task. Dipika stuck on her choice of Surbhi, adamantly, Romil kept favouring KV. After a long heated argument, Romil agrees to save Surbhi calling her his sister while KV’s chances for being the finale week contender have gone completely out of picture.
Out of Sree, Somi and KV, Romil calls Somi in his place while Dipika calls Surbhi in the van and the task begins with the Bigg Boss buzzer with an ultimatum that if Somi and Surbhi do not reach a common conclusion, then both their pictures will get the half cross marks. Surbhi succeeds in convincing Somi. Half a cross is placed on Romil’s picture which shows him the exit from the task. Next, Somi gives her seat to Deepak and Surbhi to Sreesanth. Somi clearly tells Romil about her non willingness to choose Sreesanth or Dipika for finale week contender ship making Surbhi a better choice.

Deepak Thakur remains simply peeved with Somi’s decision on choosing Surbhi and not saving Romil as per their previous pact. The next buzzer brings Sree and Dipika’s pictures in frames. While Deepak wishes to save Sree, Sree wishes to stand by his sister and save Dipika. Another half of the cross gets placed on Sree’s frame and he too gets eliminated from the task. The Bigg Boss fire station task finally comes to the conclusive end with three tickets to finale in the name of Surbhi, Deepak and Dipika.
The next day begins with the tune of the song Aati Kya Khandala at 8 am. Dipika and Sree team into a ‘play/pause’ game in the meanwhile. A lot of drama was seen once again when Sree starts crying remembering his old cricketing days and Dipika helps him calm down. This time Surbhi didn’t intervene as whenever she does the same, a new controversy ignites.
Karanvir later reads out the rules for the final task of the week for ticket to finale where Dipika, Surbhi and Deepak need to guard a giant clock placed in the garden. All contestants had to guard the clock for 33 minutes sitting with their back to the clock and their headphones on and whoever gets distracted and leaves their place close to 33 minutes will be the winner.
Deepak begins first. As Surbhi goes into the booth, Deepak leaves saying he feels the time is up. Surbhi played a quite calculated game and despite of the rest of the players trying to distract her, she keeps her calm. Somi, Deepak, Romil, Sreesanth and finally Dipika go in respectively to distract her but, she keeps calm. As soon as her counting ends, she rings the bell completing her time of 33 minutes.
The next goes Dipika Kakar and Surbhi Rana performing their distraction process. Next comes Deepak followed by Romil but, Dipika keeps her clam and finally rings up the bell with the calculated time completion.
Deepak’s goes over 9 minutes from 33 minutes, Surbhi goes 5 minutes more and Dipika goes over 12 minutes more which clearly makes Surbhi win the ticket to finale week and she comes out to be the first contestant entering the finale week.
Bigg Boss also announced that all the other contestants apart from Surbhi are nominated for evictions this week.


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