Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4: Nagarjuna’s Whopping Remuneration

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Amid the COVID-19 pandemic all around the world. The world’s biggest reality show Bigg Boss launched season 4 of its telugu version. Read the article for more details!

Nagarjuna’s Remuneration

Akkineni Nagarjuna is considered as one of the best hosts for the Telugu Bigg Boss series. He was the host for Season 3, so impressed by the mass actor and the TRPs in that season, the makers don’t want to go for a change. According to the rumours Nagarjuna is said to charge 12-14 lakhs per episode during this ongoing season of Bigg Boss.

The first host of the show Jr NTR was charging a lump-sum amount of Rs 35 lakh per episode while Nani the host for the second season had charged Rs 10-12 lakh per episode.

Here is a list of hosts and their cost per episode:

Season 1- Jr NTR – Rs 35 lakh per episode

Season 2- Nani- Rs10-12 lakh per episode

Season 3- Nagarjuna- Rs10-12 lakh per episode

Season 4- Nagarjuna- Rs 12-14 lakh per episode

Change in the format

Bigg Boss Telugu season four is going to be very different and challenging for the makers of one of the world’s biggest reality shows. During this tough COVID times, the show has already been launched on 6th September with many rumours of postponing and lack of preparation. It looks like the makers took the necessary precautions to unleash the show.

What’s New

Bigg Boss Telugu season 4 is certainly different as it is expected to induce changes in the tasks, and no family reunion in between, no film stars will go inside the Bigg Boss house for this tough season.

It is very clear that the contestants were quarantined for more than a week before entering the BB housekeeping in mind about the gripping situation. One of the contestants said, “we have already been locked for a few days, to which the host answers “Bigg Boss cares about your health”.

The host is going to miss the interaction with the live audience in the set for the weekend days, keeping in mind the spreading of COVID-19 the makers decided to go without a live audience.

Another raising question among the audience is whether this show will have the wild card entries or not? Again, many sources said the production house has afforded accommodation for the selected people to ensure they won’t get exposed to the virus.

King Nagarjuna, started of the show with full of energy on Sunday, but the audience is really saddened by the selection of the contestants for the show because only a few contestants are well known YouTube sensation Gangavva, Lasya Manjunath, rapper Noel Sean, popular Instagrammer Mehaboob shaikh, Dethadi Harika.



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