Bigg Boss12 – Latest Updates

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Who will be eliminated this week? Read up on the latest updates on Bigg Boss 12!

Boss season 12 is definitely a mind boggling stage for the contestants who are readily putting on all their efforts to get close to the title. Each one can be noticed working hard for the finale that remains around just weeks to follow. Wining a task is no more just a normal task to perform but, an open war that they are willing to win, always.

With none of them ready to loose on even a single task, things have turned hard rock and hot too! Similar scene could be seen this week, when Romil and Sreesanth got into a breakthrough physical brawl during a task performance in the house. The day began with the exciting song- “Aa dekhe zara kisme kitna h dum” which was followed by the luxury budget task for this week which was called as “Appy Fizz Grab the Fizz challenge”. People in the house were divided into two teams- Red Team (Sreesanth, Dipika Kakkar, Somi Khan and Rohit Suchanti) and Black Team (Karanvir Bohra, Romil Chaudhary and Deepak Thakur). The winning team in task could win a special power that will be a boon for them during the kalkothri nominations. Performing the task, there stood up a strong verbal argument between the teams. Dipika in her total arrogant mood declared Karanvir as the worst captain of the season and trailing ahead in the argument, Deepak accused Romil mentioning his overconfidence as the main reason of losing the plot. During the third round, there was another tough blow where Romil and Sreesanth got into a hard rock physical tussle. Both, Megha Dhade and Jasleen Matharu have been led to the exit door last week. Jasleen was on the high stream about her rumoured yet well setup romantic show with the popoular singer Anoop Jalota throughout the stareming session of Bigg Boss.

However, soon, after her exit, Jasleen has claimed her relationship with the singer Anoop Jalota as a stupid prank rather than a love affair. She either got to be a big show or a clever lady. On the other side, the questions asked to Dipika Kakar and Deepak Thakur by Bigg Boss and their associated honest replies simply kept on upsetting their fellow inmates and thisis definitely going to lead to non-favourable rift in the house. A lot of action has been partand parcel of this week’s telecast and viewers can definitely expect a lot more to come up.Keep glued to favourite show as this week will definitely keep you excited and anxious at the same time. Despite of the disagreements and up thrust going on in the house, the wining team of the luxury task finally enjoyed their pizza party. The celebration was followed with a small celebration of Sreesanth’s anniversary where all his loved ones wished him for the same. The brother sister epic, Sreesanth and Dipika have attracted a few more on their side. Rohit has changed his side and willingly joined hands with them, out of the task premises, as well.


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