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Biggest Fashion Faux Pas By Bollywood Celebs

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Bollywood Celebs are a fashion conscious lot. But every now & then they do commit some fashion faux pas. Our fashion expert Stutee Sampriti gives you the details.

A fashion faux pas is one of the biggest sartorial sins one can make while getting dressed.

Bollywood is known for setting fashion examples and people admire stars for their style and fashion sense.But sometimes our favourite actors just decide to shock us by wearing something which can be considered as blunder.

Being famous is no guarantee to flawless style.Even the most famous fashion forward stars get it all wrong at times.
While there can be no rules in fashion,there are certain things that please the eyes while certain things don’t.
It’s great that fashion has moved towards what easy,fun and relaxed,but you still need to get a few things right to look your best.
You have to make a right choice,and you should be comfortable in what you are wearing.

Even fashionably conscious Bollywood stars fail at times and go wrong with their outfits!
Let’s have a look on some biggest fashion faux pas in Bollywood:-

1.Priyanka Chopra

faux pas
PC’s fashion sense wasn’t that great when she entered the industry

In early days, PC wasn’t having a good choice in clothes. Some of her dresses like bright colour chudidar,shimmery dress with many flares, unflattering prints and weird silhouettes she has committed many fashion blunders.
In an era before she was wowing is at her international appearances, Priyanka was still learning the ropes of fashion as the beauty queen began her Bollywood journey!

2.Kangana Ranaut

faux pas
Kangana has a unique fashion sense, but has gone wrong quite a few times

The looks she was opting were too childish and the fans were like, seriously what is she wearing?
The cuts,the colour were so unusual and the dresses were always of the same design and was not fit for the appearances in ceremonies!
Lauded for her unique sartorial sense, these looks from her early days don’t really reflect the style diva status she has earned now!

3.Athiya Shetty

faux pas
Athiya Shetty’s did commit a big faux pas with this one!

By pairing casual open-toed flats with a fancy AF suit she has surely made a fashion blunder.
The actress made a mistake first by choosing a way too light fancy floral pantsuit and then she didn’t realise that how incredibly odd it will look by pairing it with open-toed flats.
She need to make her fashion sense better!

4.Katrina Kaif

faux pas
Katrina Kaif rarely goes wrong with her fashion choices, but this time she did!

Style diva Katrina has also made it to the list !
She does everything without any effort,but this time she went very wrong!
We are self admitted ‘bath leisure’lovers but everything good requires effort!This is a direct message to Katrina Kaif, who not only styled the expensive PJ top very poorly,but also wore a black tank top or spaghetti top inside!
We can surely say that this was a faux pas up!

5.Anushka Sharma

faux pas
Anushka’s ripped jeans look was a total disaster

In a photo of her in Instagram,she is wearing a pair of extremely distressed denims and which looks very disappointing.
She styles the weird jeans with a simple striped shirt which were not complimenting each other totally!
Even those gorgeous Givenchy heels couldn’t save her look from being a complete drab.

6. Deepika Padukone

The Nation’s favourite fashion icon too went wrong this time!
There is one look of DP in a metallic sheen pantsuit and you will see almost everything going downhill from there!
From the makeup to the tacky outfit with bell-bottomed pants,it is an unwelcome change from her otherwise impressive sartorial choices!
Her look was looking completely a disaster and the outfit was a way too bright!

7.Parineeti Chopra

faux pas
Parineeti Chopra’s floral top looked gaudy

Parineeti Chopra’s dress was a real downer.
At a press conference she wore a cold shoulder floral dress which was extremely gaudy,to the extent that it hurts our eyes!
She chose everything so overtly convoluted as she paired the dress with a pair of slippers!
She should must improve her taste in fashion!

8.Bhumi Pednekar

faux pas
Bhumi’s black outfit didn’t get our vote. The dress was ill fitting & unflattering

Bhumi Pednekar failed to hit the right note in her cut-our black gown. The dress was ill-fitting and unflattering.
The actress failed to look good and this was a faux pas!
Not just that, her hair looks messy and her green clutch was a clear no-no with the dress!

9.Vani Kapoor

faux pas
Vaani Kapoor’s top fitting issues made it look awkward

The easiest way to kill a great outfit is to find a poor fit. This is exactly what Vani Kapoor did to this brocade pantsuit.
The Befikre actress was looking a disaster because the fit and fall of pants was making her look very awkward!
The improper fitting ruined a stunning outfit!

10.Mallika Sherawat

Mallika’s clothes left nothing to our imagination!

Malika’s outfit leaves nothing to the imagination!
It seems like she isn’t looking at the mirror also even after wearing the dresses!
When it comes to fashion disasters no one can
bear Mallika Sherawat and she is the one who makes maximum fashion blunders.
And the example is here.

So here were some faux pas by Bollywood celebs!
A fashion faux pas is what happens when you’re not confident with yourself !

Do give it a read, and share your views!


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