Blade Runner 2049 Review

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I have to warn readers beforehand, that I am not a huge fan of sci-fi movies. But the trailer of the movie did look promising & I was eager to watch the movie. It did help that Harrison Ford too was seen after a long time.
While the movie boasts of being the sequel of a cult classic starring Harrison Ford in the year 1982 & a Ryan Gosling as its lead actor, the movie was painfully slow.

It starts off well but is unable to keep you entertained. Credit must be give to the background score by Hans Zimmer & stunning visuals. Ryan Gosling is sincere in his role as the Blade Runner. But there is little to hold your attention. Just when you think the movie is picking up some pace & is getting somewhere, the boring screenplay lets you down again. The screenplay is pathetic. The director does a good job in extracting some good performances, but is let down by the dreary script. This movie, which is 3 hours long was so bad, it made us “run” from the theatre.
I would recommend you not to waste precious money by watching this movie in a theatre & wait for it to premiere on Netflix/Amazon or a TV screen near you. This one is for the old guys who have seen the original flick.

Our Rating: */5 stars


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