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If you are a successful & wealthy man being harassed by a woman, it will serve you better if you stay mum about it. Even if you do make a hue & cry, the woman will play the victim instead & your reputation will take a beating, not her’s. At least that is what we have learnt from what publicly transpired between this actress who refers to herself as a megastar despite several flops & this greek god superstar. She is smartly raking the topic up, when her next film – which is a do or die film for her is up for release. The greek god has maintained a dignified silence over the issue. But like we said, you cannot fight a woman publicly in today’s world & win. especially if you are so powerful. Here is the dope on recent happenings published in mirror

Blind Item

WHILE the world and its sisters are having an earful from this rather pugilistic leading lady, ours are fine-tuned to hear what her opponent has to say.We hear he has hit panic mode already, and has called his PR team and given them a mouthful. Turns out they had assured him that matters had died down, and would soon be forgotten. Until a fortnight ago, that is. Now, the ball is in the opponent’s court, and he feels that nothing he will say can control the damage.

Our Guess:
Leading Lady: Kangana Ranaut
Opponent: Hrithik Roshan


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