Blind Item – 29th August

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Today’s blind item in Mirror is about a male star & his rekindled romance with his ex. Although he was rumored to marry a foreign import last year, the wedding plans were put on hold. Meanwhile his ex is happy with all the attention the superstar is throwing her way. The ex, sure has her way over men.

Blind Item

WHILE they may be playing a game of smoke and mirrors, thanks to the leading lady’s new social media handle, we hear that these two co-stars are definitely more than friends. The two have been on a foreign location shooting for a film, but they seem to have rekindled their old romance. We hear the actor has even told his family that if he will ever marry it will be to this lady, and they aren’t exactly pleased.Only because he already has a girlfriend waiting in the wings, and often in his mother’s kitchen too.

Our Guess:

Actor: Salman Khan
Co-star: Katrina Kaif


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