Blind Item – 4th September

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In his latest blind item Rajeev Masand speaks about a laidback director & his equally laidback hero of his upcoming movie. Wonder how he manages to survive in an industry which is so cut throat! Like they say, in Bollywood what matters is not just the box office collections of your movies, but also with whom you hob nob with.

Blind Item:
Few of his actors have good things to say about him after they’ve wrapped production on their movies together, yet this technician-turned-director somehow manages to land major A-listers for every new project.

The leading ladies of both his previous films complained that they had to take charge when it became clear that he didn’t have the commitment (or skill) required to complete the films on schedule and on budget. The leading man of his last film said he was surprised his director didn’t even bother to show up and supervise the dub.

Despite that kind of reputation, he’s helming one of the more talked-about movies that’s slated for release shortly. Insiders say this one was a relatively hassle- free shoot because the director’s commitment (or lack of it) matched his leading man’s. For the actor, this was strictly a chance to get his career back on track; he wasn’t going to kill himself to make a great movie. Suits the director just fine.

Our Guess:
Director: Omung Kumar
Leading Man: Sanjay Dutt


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