Blind Item – 4th September

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This blind item is from Mirror. It is about this semi retired hyped actress who was more renowned for her looks than her acting skills. Although she was a decent actress, most of her movies even during her prime were flops. Post marrying the scion of the first family of the industry & motherhood, she is now trying to reclaim her lost glory. She probably thought audiences will swoon over her like they used to, but Alas! there are younger, hotter & fitter options available

Blind Item:
NEWS comes in that La Haughty hasn’t changed her ways, despite a spate of comeback films that proved we didn’t really miss her. Just as she did with her previous outings, this next one also looks like it will suffer from the hands of this leading lady. Not only does she take a call on publicity and marketing, she also gets to decide who the film will star. So while the film’s makers had in mind a 48-year-old southern handsome hero, our heroine put her foot down and refused. She preferred another local indie star–an unconventional looker but still in his early 30s, because she said she paired better with him. Ahem.

Our Guess:
Heroine: Aishwarya Rai
Indie Star: Rajkumar Rao


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