Blind Item – Bisexual Actor – 6th March

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We have been informed by one of our sources about a married actor who has now turned bisexual.
She was a superstar in her heyday. Although she was never the queen bee(barring a year or two), she was always in the top bracket. She was in love with a married superstar known for his comic timing. She broke up with him as he wasn’t willing to leave his wife & kids for her. She then moved on to the scion of India’s biggest superstar. There were rumors that they will get married. But unfortunately for her, he broke up with & got married to an actor renowned for her beauty. Our heroine was left distraught.
It was during such a torrid phase, that she started an affair with one of the most powerful people in the industry. He too was married. But her divorced his childhood sweetheart to marry the heroine. But post post having a baby & few years of marriage our heroine has started hooking up with women. Our source informed us that she gets sloshed & beds random women. We had heard of a powerful gay clique in Bollywood & that her husband was also a part of that clique. We were quick to dismiss it earlier, but now have started doubting whether those rumors were true!

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