Blind Item – Celebrity Divorce – 28th May

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Another celeb couple has filed for divorce. The news was published in a leading tabloid today. We try to figure out what the reasons may be for the couple to divorce after several years of marriage & two kids.

They both were super models. Before dating her, he was the BF of a top male fashion designer based out of Delhi. It was an open secret. But then the supermodel turned actor & his now ex-wife met. Sparks flew & the supermodel turned actor was dating the fashion designer & the lady supermodel simultaneously. The lady supermodel & the male fashion designer both about each others existence in the life of the supermodel turned actor. He finally ditched the male designer & got married to his supermodel GF.

Post marriage when his acting career was on the wane, he started sleeping with a gay movie director & the then reigning superstar. This led to several supporting roles in the superstar’s & the director’s movies along with shows abroad. This led to him having over a decade long career in Bollywood. But then the superstar dumped the director & the supermodel turned actor in question for a female Bollywood star turned global icon. It was during this phase that he started having an affair with the wife of another superstar. They shared a common love for cocaine(click here to read more).

The sad part was the superstar’s wife & the supermodel-actor’s wife were part of the same friend’s circle. Her husband’s several extra marital affairs led to his wife into the arms of their common friend. The affair led to the superstar & his wife separating. Now the decks are cleared for the superstar’s cocaine addict ex-wife & our actor to get together.

Can you guess the celebs we are talking about? Please do reply in the comments section with your guesses

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