Blind Item – Celebrity Divorce – Part 2

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Mumbai Mirror has published a complete article on the celebrity divorce that we spoke about yesterday(click here to read). We decided to give our readers our opinions on the article

It is funny how newspapers have to hide the truth from the public owing to the fear of litigation. The article mentions that the reason why a superstar & director fell off with the actor who got divorced is owing to money issues. This excuse is laughable as Bollywood is known to be very shrewd & cunning when it comes to money matters. Besides stars are known to be arrogant & make obscene demands. But no star gets sidelined for asking his fair share. There have been instances when stars have demanded a hike in their fees after shooting has started, thanks to their newly released movie doing well. The real reason might be the actor’s closeness to the superstar & his director buddy. There were rumors that even an actor of royal lineage was part of this “close” group.

We do feel sad for the actor’s wife. She was a supermodel. Despite being a renowned beauty she had to make peace with her husband cheating on her with her BFF. They went on so many trips & dinners together, little did she know what it would lead to. There were rumors that the actor in question & the superstar husband of the celeb he is rumored to be dating indulged in some good ol wife swapping. But then the actor ended up falling for the superstar’s wife. Although we must admit this sounds far fetched. The actor’s wife is one moralistic & upright woman who wouldn’t shy away from fighting for what is right. We do hope she finds love in someone who can keep her happy, as is the case with the wife of another actor-director-producer whose wife divorced him due to his womanizing.

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