Blind Item – Cheating Couple – 13th March

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This story about a cheating couple left us shocked & made us chuckle at the same time.
Our source from the hotel industry shared an interesting anecdote. This happened several years back. A former A-lister, who almost went broke & has been playing supporting characters since the late 90’s was hooking up with an A-list female actor. He may have been a character actor then, but he sure was the ultimate fantasy for a lot of young women in the 80’s. Turns out our cocaine addict & now IPL team owner actor was one of them. Our source saw them entering a suite together in a top notch hotel in the suburbs.
Nothing really scandalous in this, you might say. But what gave us goosebumps was what the veteran actor’s wife did that day. The very moment that this veteran was hooking up with the coke addict top female celeb, his wife was hooking up with the hotel’s gym trainer! Both were cheating on each other at the same hotel at the same time! Neither of them knew what the other was up to. Looks like the wife has a thing for gym bods. She was involved in a public spat with another B-grade celeb. The B-grade celeb & the wife were lovers. This B-grade celeb starred in a sex comedy several years back. The movie was a sleeper hit, but acting offers weren’t too many thanks to his acting talents or lack of it thereof. There are rumors that he is now a full fledged pimp for the wealthy.
What is surprising is that parents like these have churned out a cultured, well mannered son. Their son is now on course to enter the Bollywood A-list. Imagine seeing your parents hook up with people of your age. Ewww! But then again, if the couple in question don’t have a problem with being in an open marriage, who are we to judge?

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