Blind Item – Mirror – 14th Sept

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Despite coming from a pretty ‘sanskari’ background, this poor actress was schooled on sanskar on a new reality show. This actress has faced a lot of taunts for her weight, but no one has ever pointed fingers at her for exposing too much. But I guess the show producers did have a valid point, as the show catered to the elderly & the overly sensitive or rather religious audiences, which would invite a backlash. But we wonder what is up with this actress, post breaking up with her bf whom she was rumored to get married to?

Blind Item
THIS leading actress, who is also a celebrity judge on a popular but newly introduced reality TV show, was recently asked to cover up. While shooting for a recent episode, she turned up in an outfit with a plunging neckline. But owing to the format of the show and its content, the producers immediately delivered an ultimatum to the star: if she did not wear something proper, only her mug shots would appear in that particular episode. The actress quickly borrowed a dupatta and turned into a sanskari ladki in no time at all.

Our Guess:
Leading Actress: Sonakshi Sinha


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