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Blind Item – Mirror – 7th September

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Mirror spoke about this sexy ex sis-in-law of the country’s biggest superstar. She cheated on her husband with his sister’s bf. Our heart goes out to the husband who was still ready to take her back even after finding out. She is now doing both, her boy toy as well as a rich Dubai based business tycoon. But the TV show judge is the one who is getting to eat her cake & keep it as well, by the looks of it

Blind Item:

RUMOURS of this sultry siren and her much younger actor beau refuse to die down, and with good reason, too. The two never talk about each other, and have been spotted together -at a private party -only once, but let’s just say it is one of the industry’s open secrets.Which is why we are surprised to hear the lady is still maintaining relations with her older paramour, a billionaire tycoon. Yes, he is married and with kids, but our lady has every intention of having him leave his wife and marry her.

Our Guess:

Sultry Siren: Malaika Arora
Younger Actor Beau: Arjun Kapoor
Business Tycoon: Some Dubai based businessman


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