Blind Item – Pinkvilla -13th Sept

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Pinkvilla published this blind item about this superstar who is known for his womanizing ways. What amazes us is how his wife, who is known to be a feisty & strong woman puts up with all this? He is notorious for his womanizing ways which have continued post marriage & two beautiful kids, but still she looks the other way? Weird!

Blind Item
We spotted an interesting blind item in a leading daily. There are many sordid sagas about casting couch in Bollywood. Insiders are aware about this horrible practice that is still widely prevalent in the film industry. Many small time actors have come out and spoken against producers and directors who have forced them to ‘compromise’. But, never has anything been said about top actors being engaged in casting couch. The top rung of the male actors are involved in casting couch and have become self-proclaimed casting directors. They are the ones who decide and approve of the female lead. The selection process goes through the top actors. If they ‘like’ the heroine, then she is recommended for the star’s next film.
One such brawny star who is at the top of his game is a forerunner in this practice. Very recently, one of the top actresses was called in for a ‘script session’ in the actor’s room while they were abroad. The actress has a respectable position in the industry and is known for her acting chops. The star who is known for his love for fitness and action auditioned the actress during an awards show in a foreign land.
Well, he is married and projects a family man image, but insiders are aware of his escapades. His wife, a former actress, is loved by one and all in the Industry. She may have been privy to her husband’s other affairs, but we are not quite sure if she knows of the script session the actor called in post mid-night.
Can you guess who this leading actor is?

Our Guess:
Leading Actor: Akshay Kumar
Actress: Bhumi Pednekar


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