Blind Item – Pinkvilla – 22nd Sept

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Pinkvilla is not the most trusted name when it comes to authenticity of blind items. They had previously mentioned in a blind item that this star wife was caught having a sexcapede with one of the country’s most eligible bachelors. The actress’s spokesperson vehemently denied the claims & the matter died as soon as the hit film which was up for release was forgotten. Although there have been several rumors about this beauty queen & the scion of one of Bollywood’s first families, the weirdest one we have heard involves the actress & her father-in-law….ewww!!

Blind Item

Theirs was one of the most celebrated and grand marriages when it happened a few years ago. It was controversial because of the guest list but the blissful couple more than made up for any upset faces around. Now, years down the line, all communication between the two stars appear to have broken down as they keep fighting everyday. The reason being, anything and everything!

Friends of the couple and their parents are now fed up of trying to mend things between the two as reconciliation follows with a fight again. While in public both maintain very loving appearances, their personal life is in shambles.

The beautiful star wife is said to be very demanding and wants a good comeback vehicle as some of her earlier films didn’t do well. Both have been approached for many films together but the wife is said to take too much time over everything. Recently they had another fight over a film where both were approached. The actor was scouting for other actresses to play his female lead when his wife came to know and threw a huge tantrum, leading to a big fight again where she accused him of not wanting to work with her, even though the producer’s first choice was her.

Friends of the couple insist that the two don’t want to work with each other on screen but to maintain appearances for all, they keep insisting they are keen. Often this leads to one rejecting the script over the other over ego issues thus leading the hapless producer to tear his heart out in despair. The actor is getting increasingly frustrated as he needs to sign some good films fast or his career, which has been almost non-existent in the last few years, will soon disappear.

Our Guess:
Star Wife: Aishwarya Rai
Actor: Abhishek Bachchan


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