Blind Item (Pinkvilla) – Injured Actress – 25th Nov

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Pinkvilla has published another blind item about this loud mouth actress who is a few flops away from oblivion. She is working on a subject which has been attempted by another actress in the past. The subject seems to be jinxed. How else will you explain a movie based on this historic figure being stalled the second time? We hope the film gets a release & the makers recover their money!

Blind Item
The actress, who was considered in the top league till she delivered a dud recently, got injured at the shooting of her latest film. While this is not her first injury, sources in the know say that apparently the actress is not as hurt as she appears to be. It seems to be part of a plan to stall the shooting of the period film for a bit. It’s a recent development which took place this week, post the controversy that erupted about the release of another historical. The actress’s so-called injury may be used as an excuse to delay the shooting of the film till the makers gain clarity on the while picture. While the shooting of their film was to continue till early next year, trade sources say that now it has been pushed back indefinitely.
The actress, in the past has upset many celebs in the film industry when she went on a vitriolic spree, accusing them of being unjust towards her. But she is banking heavily on the historical as she few films on hand at the moment. But the makers are in a quandary after the release date of the other historical got postponed. This historical has been facing a barrage of controversies from various quarters and its release date seems tough this year.
Both historicals are based on true life stories, extremely costly budget-wise and while one is complete and was to release soon, the other one is not even 50 per cent done. The latter one is unsure whether to move ahead seeing how much flak the other film (with Bollywood’s top stars), is facing. Right now the makers of the actress’s historical have put their film on hold and biding their time. It’s a wait-and-watch policy that they have decided to adopt till the other historical releases as they don’t want their own movie to get mired in controversies too. Their film is an extremely expensive one and the producers apparently don’t want to invest more money till they are sure the other film will have a proper release.
Cause and effect we say – when a film of same genre, revolving around real-life characters and referring to a chapter in history, impacts another.

Our Guess:
Actress: Kangana Ranaut shooting for Manikarnika
Other Film: Padmavati

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