Blind Item – Pinkvilla – 29th June

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Today’s blind item is from Pinkvilla. It speaks about this once queen of bollywood who was dating the biggest star in the country, broke up with him & started dating the scion of India’s first film family. They broke up only to get back a year later. There were rumors of her hooking up with this greek god post her living in with her bf. A few months post moving in to her rented house with her bf, they broke up. She has been trying to corry favor with her exes since then & is on a comeback trail

Blind Item
This actress and her personal life have always attracted immense media glare. Her rendezvous with her unofficial boyfriends have served the much needed fodder for the gossip hungry media. Be it her breakup with an actor that shocked all or her growing closeness with another ex-boyfriend, everything about this actress is grabbing eyeballs.

Recently, the said actress was caught in an awkward situation. While she was with her ex-boyfriend at a popular studio, another actor, who is evidently fond of the actress, was in the same vicinity as the ex-couple. Despite knowing she is around, this A-list actor timed his entry and exit accordingly, so as to not bump into the gorgeous actress and her ex-boyfriend. And, no, it isn’t anything to do with the lady in question. The two guys don’t get along with each other, for all the right reasons!

Only after their professional commitments were wrapped up and the talented star had left the venue, did the leading lady head out to meet her other ‘close friend’. Given the kind of rapport the leggy lass is sharing with her recent ex, it wasn’t surprising for the onlookers to see her go mingle with this popular superstar, with whom she has been rumoured to be in a relationship with on and off!

Interestingly, when the two stars met, the chemistry between them was evident. Her attention seeking antics kept the actor mesmerized. The possessiveness between the two was palpable. While she wanted the handsome actor to speak to her and give her his time, the leading man even noticed how many outfits she had changed!

Guess, some love stories die hard!

We would love to see this ‘we are just friends’ stars rekindle their romance!

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Our Guess
Actress: Katrina Kaif
Ex bf’s: Salman Khan & Ranbir Kapoor
Another A-list actor: Hrithik Roshan


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