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Blind Item – For The Love Of Acting – 2nd May

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Today’s blind item is about a megastar, for whom age is not a impediment to his love of acting.

Blind Item
He is 75+ years old. All his contemporaries have retired. Very few of his era continue to survive in the big bad world of Bollywood. His fans just can’t get enough of him. He was known for his action movies. He ruled Bollywood from the 70’s to early 90’s. Nobody before him or after him can reach his height of stardom. His affair with a south indian beauty, which has been kept a secret since the 70’s continues to get discussed in Indian households. He went bankrupt when he was 60 – an age when most people retire with a hefty PF & pension. He made a comeback post a hiatus, but most of his movies flopped. The younger lot had taken over. Romance was the flavor of the day. But he rose like the proverbial phoenix from his own ashes & resurrected his career by hosting a reality show. The show became a rage & he started getting good acting offers again. He is now back to being one of the richest celebs around.
But age seems to be catching up with him. Our sources inform us that during an ad shoot, he looked tired. His face looked pale. The unit wondered if he could shoot in that condition. The ad-director politely asked him if he could shoot or whether he would like to call it a day. To which he said that he would definitely like to finish the shoot. As soon as the director yelled “Action”, the megastar looked energized & completed the shoot in one single shot. No retakes were required. The unit was left wondering from where he gathered so much energy all of a sudden. They concluded that it was definitely his love for acting. The septuagenarian won several fans that day. It is not for nothing that he became the biggest star Indian cinema has ever produced!He truly is an inspiration for many.

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