Blind Item(Bollywood Life) – Astrologer’s Advice – 16th May

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Bollywood Life has published a blind item about an actor who dumped her bf, thanks to her astrologer’s advice.

Her father was known to bed young women hoping to make it big in Bollywood. Karma can be a bitch. His daughter was dating a much older man much to his chagrin. While she was on a high professionally when she met him, all her films lately have flopped. Actor are known to be an insecure lot. They rely heavily on astrologers & priests for advice. Sadly the senior actor who got divorced recently is the victim of an astrologer’s love advice.

Blind Item
Bollywood netizens have a way of conducting their love life which leaves us in utter dismay. At times, they seem funny while at other occasions, we are left in shock. Say for this actress, who made a lot of news for being close to this actor who is many years senior to her. But then age hardly matters when love is spinning its magic. It did create a lot of ruckus. Now we hear, the actress has dumped the actor boyfriend and is already in another relationship with an ace photographer. We will talk about her current flame a bit later. What we want to inform here is that the split happened under the auspicious guidance of the family astrologer.

Yes, the actress and her family believes in this one astrologer. They take his advice very seriously. So we hear Pandit ji wasn’t too kicked about the actress’ relationship with this actor. He predicted not-so good things about the guy. He said that their charts don’t match and he can destroy her career. He also called the actor a ‘bad omen’. Yes… this is 2018 and such things still exist. Moving on… the mother of the actress obviously freaked out at the astrologer’s predictions and forbade the actress from having any connection with the actor. There were rumours that the actress was intending to move-in with the actor at one point of time and her family was staunchly against it. Clearly the family of the girl didn’t think it was a relationship worth pursuing!

What is even more interesting is that the actress has moved on already. She is presently dating a leading photographer whose father too is in the same business and is a well-known person in the industry. Can you guess who are we talking about?

Our Guess
Actress: Shraddha Kapoor
Actor BF: Farhan Akhtar

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