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Blind Item(BollywoodLife) – A-List Casanova – 13th Feb

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BollywoodLife has published a blind item about a A-list casanova who cheated on his GF with his co-star. Can you guess the celebs BollywoodLife is talking about?

Now it is confirmed that the A-list Casanova has scored again. This is the second blind item about the A-lister’s hook up with his co-star. Women love him & he is always available to service them. His steady GF’s be damned. He seems to always be on the lookout for an excuse to cheat on his GF’s. Remember how he cheated on his ex-GF, citing jealousy over her getting close to her co-star? Or her still being in touch with her ex-BF/mentor/suga daddy?(click here to read more)

This time he is jealous over his GF getting close to his rival(click here to read more). Looks like his rival is able to mess with his head. Not only is he able to make him jealous over his closeness to his GF, he is also beating him at the box office game. What looked like a two horse race may have a clear winner.

Blind Item

The brisk pace at which the love story of this top Bollywood couple unfolded, left people wondering if nuptials would happen later this year or at the start of 2020. However, their relationship has hit a rough patch of late, leaving the actress rather upset. Though they are trying to hide it, her displeasure and sad face has not exactly gone unnoticed by fans and others. It seems she found out that her guy, whom she adores to death, hooked up with one of his leading ladies despite being in a relationship with her. The other heroine is single and clearly does not mind having some fun. When this actress found flirty messages on her guy’s phone from this lady, she was devastated. Many feel it was coming as the A-list hero is known to be quite a Casanova.

It seems she complained about him to her mentor who consoled her. While it is unclear if they have broken up or not, the actress seems to be very upset about his infidelity. It will be interesting to watch how their relationship progresses from now on. Incidentally, the actor was apparently insecure of his girlfriend’s fondness for her lively co-star and this led to small rifts. We don’t know if the hook-up was done to ensure that his lady love gives him the attention he feels he deserves. Anyway, we’re sure many well-meaning people would have advised this actress against falling for this guy but then his charm is quite unbeatable. Can you guess who are the actor and the actress?

Our Guess

A-list Casanova: Ranbir Kapoor
Actress: Alia Bhatt
Other heroine: Vaani Kapoor


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