Blind Item(BollywoodLife) – Betrayed By Bestie – 25th Dec

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BollywoodLife has published a blind item about a singer getting betrayed by her bestie!

BollywoodLife has dropped more hints about the controversy surrounding this singer’s breakup with her BF(click here to read more). While we pity the singer, she shouldn’t have posted about her breakup on social media. She had posted about a tiff with her BF earlier as well. But then they made up. But this time, she has caught him cheating on her with a married woman! BollywoodLife has mentioned that the married woman is her bestie.

While it is possible that we may be wrong about this, our instincts point towards one married woman in particular. The same married woman who is married to a big shot music baron – producer. She is a director herself & was the one to launch the singer’s BF. She recently came out in support of her husband, when he was outed in the #MeToo movement. They went for a vacation together & posted cosy pics on social media. Looks like both husband & wife sleep outside of their marriage. Sadly, the singer can’t do a thing to her bestie, considering her bestie’s husband is a huge name in the music industry & can easily make or break someone’s career. The singer dare not take on her bestie!

The article mentions about the actor trying to please rich, influential married women. While we have mentioned it several times, many refuse to believe that a lot of married women in Bollywood indulge in the services of hot, young actors. Wives of many superstars too are rumored to have their share of fun at closed door kitty parties. While their husbands continue to exploit young women in exchange for roles in their movies.

Blind Item

Heartbreaks are hard, even more so when you have been betrayed by a close friend. Everyone is aware of how this chirpy and emotional celebrity who is now a hit on TV as well, is struggling to cope up with her breakup. The lady had found love this year and everything was hunky dory till she reportedly discovered his activities behind her back. A source told us, “While she was madly in love, everyone around felt that he was just used her to move ahead in his career, which has not taken off at all. Some were even frowning about the age difference between the two but that did not bother her a bit nor did what people felt about him. However, things crashed when she caught him red-handed with a close friend, who is also a huge part of the industry. This left her shattered. Given the delicate dynamics between the two ladies, she has kept mum. She has severed all ties with the guy and is trying to cope up as best as she can.”

The source also said that the guy was more than eager to please all the rich and influential women from the industry, especially the married ones. It seems all this was unknown to the young lady who is extremely busy with her professional commitments. While the guy is hoping for a reconciliation, she has made it clear that there is no patch-up happening this time around. However, what we are curious to see is how it affect the relations between the lady and her bestie, who projects herself as a devoted partner.

Our Guess

Chirpy Celebrity: Neha Kakkar
BF: Himansh Kohli
Bestie: Divya Khosla Kumar?


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