Blind Item(BollywoodLife) – Embrace Motherhood – 13th Nov

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BollywoodLife has published a blind item about an actor who is about to embrace motherhood soon.

She has been delivering hits, one after the other. She is definitely at the top of her game. Looks like she is content with what she has achieved & wouldn’t mind taking a sabbatical. That explains why she is okay with embracing motherhood at this point. Barring one or two wild rumors which we don’t think is true, she has a clean image. But she is rumored to be very arrogant. She once went to a cosmetics store at 10PM, just when the store was about to down their shutters. When one of the staff members at the store protested, she called up the marketing head of the company who ended up firing the staff member!

Her arrogance & her controlling nature is the reason why her ex-BF – who is now getting married to the reigning queen dumped her. When he was new to Bollywood & debuted opposite her, sparks flew & they started dating. She showed him the ropes of navigating through the jungles of Bollywood. But her micro managing & controlling nature got to him & he called it quits. She was then rumored to be getting close to her ex-BF’s buddy – another actor. But those rumors died soon. It was then that she met her future husband. They too broke up in between. Some say, it was because of her controlling nature, while other say it was because he wanted to get married, while she didn’t.

Blind Item

Bollywood is presently beaming with good news. Two big weddings and relationships flowering between costars, what else could top this news? Well if sources are to be believed then a top actress is apparently pregnant and has decided to embrace motherhood in the coming year. The fact that her hugely popular husband who is a national craze has been wanting to start a family for quite sometime is known.

Friends of the actress who has a big release coming up soon reveal that she’s not signing any more films in the coming months. The focus obviously is going to be on being with her husband and giving her family planning some time. However being her ambitious self and career driven it seems that the actress won’t stop scouting for scripts and will continue her plan to be a producer.

We spoke to a friend close to this superstar actress and the person says, “It’s baseless and in extremely bad taste. There is no truth to this. Let’s look at social media and check the clothes that she has been wearing. It’s impossible to wear such clothes if you are pregnant! This has been circulating since five-six months and shouldn’t be taken seriously.”

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Top Actress: Anushka Sharma


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