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Blind Item(BollywoodLife) – Fading Nayak – 14th March

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BollywoodLife has published a blind item about an ageing star whose is now a fading “nayak”.
Ageing stars whose career is on the wane, seems to be the theme for the day. Both Mumbai Mirror & BollywoodLife have published blind items on the same theme. The blind item talks about this once reigning khalnayak, who now barely has any box office clout. He was talented & had that star charisma, but due to his penchant for signing movies for the sake of friendship cost him dear. His string of flops with a director friend ruined his box office rep. Younger stars on the other hand, chose their projects carefully & are still on top. It is one thing to be generous, it is another to be generous/laidback at work.
His last huge hit was a uber successful director, who is now directing his biopic. But his frequent run ins with the law, made him disappear from people’s minds. But then again, he is above 50 & has been an A-lister for over two decades.

Blind Item
Bollywood can be fatally alluring. Once you are in it, you don’t feel like being anywhere else. It tempts you, especially when at one point of time, you were the reigning superstar. But times have relegated you to be a jaded one. So what do you do? Well, this senior actor thinks the best way is to slash his price. The actor has been a big name in the industry during his youth. Even when he was past his prime, he had managed to get everyone’s appreciation by doing some good work. But life hasn’t been too kind to him. He has seen a lot of ups and downs. Now the situation is such that, to resurrect his failing career, he is even ready to quote half the price.

The actor recently had a release which bombed at the box office. The buzz around the film was good, but poor execution ruined its fate. This debacle really hit him hard because he wanted to start his second innings on a successful note. He was infamous for his run-ins with the law and this particular film was supposed to give his career a new lease of life. But nothing of that sort happened. Producers it seems, are wary of his box office pull now, after the debacle. His wife was known to manage his work. He has also gone to a veteran filmmaker, who is known to make multi-starrer war films, and promised to slash his fees if he is cast in his movies.

Now he has put all his hopes on a film by a popular production house. The film too was in a limbo for a few months, before it got a clearance from this leading producer. An actress’ sudden death had also threatened to slow down the film but it seems all that has been sorted out. If you have guessed who this actor is, tell us in the comments below.

Our Guess
Senior Actor: Sanjay Dutt

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