Blind Item(BollywoodLife) – Faking A Migraine – 22nd Aug

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BollywoodLife has published a blind item about an actress who has earned the wrath of a superstar for faking a migraine.

This actress is one shrewd woman. She was earlier in the news for her arrogant behavior towards her TV colleagues(click here to read more). She won the part in her debut movies thanks to some “closed door” auditions with the hero. She has been in the news for bagging a role in another superstar’s upcoming movie. This movie is the 3rd movie in the super successful franchise.

Looks like she knows how to play her cards well. She is not above sleeping with the right people to bag plum roles. She has been hooking up with two superstars who are notorious for recommending heroines who are “close” to them.

Blind Item
She is hot, sexy and knows how to slay with her fashion choices. The actress’ film is raking in the moolah at the box office though her performance has not been talked about as much as it was expected to. It seems the film’s leading actor threw a bash for the cast and crew to celebrate the warm response given to the film by the audience. Needless to say, he invited the leading lady who is in his good books but she declined the invitation saying that she had a severe migraine that left her rather indisposed. The superstar told her to rest and recover soon. However, later he came to know that the actress rejected the invitation as she had a meeting with the manager of another superstar, whom she adores. This left him mighty upset.

The other superstar is the dream co-star for many aspiring actresses and is producing a slew of films as well. The casting for one of his sequels is on and this lady is vying for one of the roles. Though her name was being bandied around, she is yet to get the contract. This actress may be new to the world of Bollywood but her smart moves have become the talk of the town. Working with the other superstar has been on her radar since a while now and with her first step being reasonably successful, it is only time to up the game.

Our Guess
Actress: Mouni roy
Leading Actor: Akshay Kumar
Other Superstar: Salman Khan

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