Blind Item(BollywoodLife) – New Dad – 31st Dec

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BollywoodLife has published a blind item about a celebrity who is a new dad, but is flirting with several actresses instead of being faithful to his wife!

One of his ex-GF’s – a superstar dumped him because of his philandering. After getting married to an outsider, he was caught cheating by his wife, with a hair stylist. That is what led to his second baby(click here to read more). But looks like marriage or even fatherhood too ain’t gonna make him change his cheating ways. Guess him getting away with his cheating earlier, has emboldened him to always be on the prowl. We are wondering how come, even the #MeToo movement hasn’t affected his demeanor one bit.

The blind item mentions a actress whose mentor is a big shot producer. The producer is rumored to have paid several crores to stop actresses from outing him in wake of the #MeToo movement. He has since been snapped regularly with his family & was in the news for his philanthropic activities.

Blind Item

While it seems disgusting that new daddies would have a roving eye due to obvious reasons, the sad fact is that some of the notion holds true. It seems like this young Bollywood actor who is known for his good looks and decent acting chops is sorely missing action in his life. At a recent party, he had eyes only for a hot actress, who rocked in a dance number in a recent film. However, it is not his flirty behaviour that we’re talking about as she apparently ignored all his attention. The actor met another starlet at another party and both struck a decent conversation, which was borderline flirty. She got quite a shock when the volley of flirty messages continued from his side. Some of them were quite raunchy. A source informed us that the actress who has a mentor in a big shot producer showed him the barrage of messages and he frowned reading them. He assured his ‘baby’ that the actor won’t get work in any of the banner’s films. The producer is very fond of this leggy lass and she is the first choice for all his projects.

Can you guess who is the actor and the starlet?

Our Guess

New Dad: Shahid Kapoor
Hot Actress: Katrina Kaif
Another Starlet: Jacqueline Fernandes/ Vaani Kapoor
Big Shot Producer: Sajid Nadiadwala/ Aditya Chopra


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