Blind Item(Bollywoodlife) – The Matchmaker – 13th June

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BollywoodLife has posted a blind item about this celeb matchmaker. Little do people that it is all fake!

It is an open secret that this actor is dating his mentor. They have been together since his debut movie. How else do you explain an outsider being favored by him to this extent(click here to read more) All his movies are produced by him or backed by him. Despite several flops he keeps getting chances. He is handsome no doubt, but sadly is not a good actor.

His mentor first spread the rumor that this actor, is dating his debut film co-star to make people believe that he was straight. But as luck would have it, she fell in love with the other co-star who debuted with her. This other co-star & her make believe BF were rivals. But the other co-star is now on track for superstardom, while this actor’s career is on the wane. He used to link him up with models & enquire about them on his chat show. Now to keep the charade on, the matchmaker is linking his BF up with a female actor’s sister. He does have a fertile imagination!

Blind Item

Ah…how much we love real-life relationships of reel-life actors. Thanks to this particular filmmaker-cum-matchmaker, many singles are giving love innumerable chances. The filmmaker is definitely doing a good deed of spreading love in this hateful world. Pardon our dramatic lines, romance makes us a bit poetic.

The sister of this actress got really fond of the actor and now we hear, the filmmaker is busy getting them to become a couple. It definitely is sweet, as long as the actress doesn’t have any hard feelings. The sister of the actress is gearing up for her big Bollywood release under the aegis of a man who is everyone’s Godfather these days. The actor, however, is going through a slump professionally but has interesting projects look forward to. And his love life sure is going places too.

If you could figure out who they are, tell us below.

Our Guess
Matchmaker: Karan Johar
Actor: Siddharth Malhotra
Actress: Katrina Kaif
Sister: Isabelle

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