Blind Item(BollywoodLife) – The Young Stud – 30th Oct

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BollywoodLife has published a blind item about a young stud from Bollywood, who is hooking up with 2-3 women daily in London!

This actor is yet to deliver a hit. His only claim to fame is him being his father’s son. He & his sister are knwon to be an entitled lot. Remember how he threw a tantrum for not winning an award for his flop debut?(click here to read more) His father was an A-lister in the 80’s & 90’s. His father was expected to rule Bollywood, post the then megastar retiring. But fate had other plans! His father is rumored to have dated the then Bollywood queen & also hooked up with his frequent male co-star. On being asked about their affair neither he or his male co-star accepted the affair but neither of them denied it either! FYI.. the other male co-star too dated the then bollywood queen we are talking about.
Speaking of the flop actor’s father, a source once informed that despite his relatively clean image the veteran star leches at women. He is reported to check women out lecherously from top to bottom.
Coming back to the actor in question, he has dated quite a few good looking celebs. It must not be too difficult for him to get laid, considering his daddy’s money & him being a celeb. But womanizing looks cool only when a successful celeb does it, not when a flop actor does it!

Blind Item

It is no secret that quite a few celebrities from the film and TV world are on Tinder, albeit using fake accounts. A young Bollywood actor who is trying to find a footing in Bollywood is apparently swiping right, left and centre on the dating application. However, he does not do this in India but whenever he is abroad. A source told us that he is very active on Tinder in London, where he is currently stationed and is hooking up with two to three girls almost daily. Clearly, the young stud seems to be making the most of his relative anonymity in the city.

The young man in question made news a year back for dating another starlet who is all set to embark on a career in Bollywood. We can understand his reasons to maintain secrecy as he has quite a reputation to safeguard. While his films might not have done well, he seems to be having the charisma and intellect that can floor many women. The young man was spotted on dinner dates with three different starlets this year, which made people speculate if he would cross the dating record of another Bollywood actor, who, one can say is now smitten by someone. Incidentally, these two guys have a similarity!

Our Guess

Young Stud: Harshvardhan Kapoor
Starlet: Isabelle Kaif
Another Bollywood Actor: Ranbir Kapoor


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