Blind Item(BollywoodLife) – Two Timing Cricketer – 28th Dec

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BollywoodLife has published a blind item about a cricketer two timing bollywood starlets.

While the bedroom exploits of Bollywood celebs makes the news easily, the exploits of our cricketers will put bollywood to shame. Most of the cricket stars are very young & achieve a lot of fame after a few good performances. With IPL, the money these cricketers are making is unbelievable. IPL is also a breeding ground for a lot of one night stands & secret affairs. While some are discreet, several married cricketers have perfected the art of maintaining a family man image, while having their share of fun on the side. One of the biggest cricketers ever is a notorious womanizer, but was never in the news for his affairs. He was shrewd – he never entertained women in his own hotel room. He always booked another room under someone else’s name to fulfill his carnal desires(click here to read more)

Speaking of the gorgeous actress, she made quite a splash post a few hits opposite an actor known for his kissing scenes. We wonder why she vanished from the scene post that. There have been several blind items about what she does to maintain her lifestyle. She was rumored to be on the “payroll” of a dubai based scion & then a Mumbai based real estate tycoon. The things these starlets will do for money! Looks like she was hoping to make the cricketer fall for her & get married to him. But then she is not that lucky. Her man is playing the field & enjoying it. The cricketer’s GF, used to openly flirt with the reigning superstar on a reality show. We wonder what happened between them, after the show ended. There were rumors of them being more than friends. But then again, we wish we had a penny everytime the superstar bedded a starlet & did not marry her!

Blind Item

If you thought such scenes happened only in comedy films or sitcoms, you are mistaken. This tall cricketer is getting maximum benefits out of being single and popular. Well, it seems he was two-timing a couple of stunning starlets at the same time. One of them after a night at his place forgot her bra in his bedroom. The lingerie was from a popular brand that is known for its colourful lacy creations. Now, the other actress came to his home and saw the bra.

Since, she possessed a piece that was identical in colour and design, she initially thought she had forgotten hers at his house. Later, she discovered that the size was slightly different. It belonged to other gorgeous actress whose hot photoshoots send temperatures soaring. Needless to say, she was fuming and gave an earful to the cricketer. Later, she even had a showdown with the other lady, whose name has also been linked with this stud.

It is evident that this cricketer is having a whale of a time. Buzz is that many actresses also do not mind being linked-up with him as he is quite a flavour of the season and popular on social media. We have read stories of cricket’s greatest playboys but this lingerie mayhem is indeed an unique one.

Our Guess

Tall Cricketer: Hardik Pandya
Gorgeous Actress: Esha Gupta
Other Actress: Elli Avram


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