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Blind Item(Cineblitz) – Heartburn – 18th March

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Cineblitz has published a blind item about an actor’s ex-GF suffering serious heartburn owing to his fondness for an A-lister.

His ex-GF dated him, when he was the 2nd lead. Now that his latest action flick has been declared a blockbuster, he has several women trying to bed him. It does help that he is genuinely talented. He is making a rookie mistake of leaving his steady GF for a bollywood hottie. This hottie has a reputation of being an opportunist. After using a superstar for his clout, she dumped him for a younger star. She cheated on the younger star with a greek god superstar(click here to read more). The young star realized she can’t be trusted, in the meantime his parents are rumored to have sent him details of her shady past. This led to their breakup.

She has since gone back to her superstar mentor. But sadly for her, the superstar is officially dating a romanian import. She is forced to play second fiddle. She is now on the prowl for another young star. Looks like she has found her target.

Blind Item

This young actor has been tasting stardom professionally with his string of hits at the box-office. However, he doesn’t seem to be so lucky in his personal life. But the actor has no one else to blame but himself and his obsession for a senior star. This A-lister actress is apparently the cause of serious heartburn for the actor’s steady girlfriend. And this has finally led to their break-up! Insiders say that the actor has been in awe of the star. In fact, he made no bones of his crush on her among his friend circle, much to the dismay of his girlfriend.

This definitely did not go down well with the girlfriend, who decided to call it quits. However, we hear that the parents are very unhappy with the split. They have decided to intervene and help the couple patch their differences. The parents are also trying to talk in some sense into the young actor. But seems like the A-lister actress has been showering much praise and showing some interest in the actor too. That has him all kicked up. Interestingly, this is not the first time that the A-lister has driven a wedge between a steady couple. She is in fact known to keep quite a keen eye on rising stars too.

Right now the actor is smitten by the A-lister, especially after she reciprocated to him. So, what started off as the young actor simply being in awe of a senior star, has become much serious. Naturally, the A-lister giving him so much personal attention has gone to his head and led to his break-up. The now ex-girlfriend is said to be heart-broken. And although not too hopeful is being consoled by the actor’s family to not give up yet. Can you guess who are we talking about? Share with us your thoughts in the comments section below!

Our Guess

Young Actor: Vicky Kaushal
Ex-GF: Harleen Sethi
A-lister: Katrina Kaif


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