Blind Item(Cineblitz) – IPL Sponsors – 25th March

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Cineblitz has published a blind item about an actor who is finding it difficult to get sponsors for their IPL team.

IPL always manages to make the news. Right from gossip regarding to the cricketers, celebs IPL is a source of a lot of gossip. The tales regarding the IPL parties & what transpires in the hotel rooms of cricketers can leave people shocked.

We wonder which team Cineblitz is talking about. As far as we know there are tow teams owned by actors. While one is owned by a superstar the other is owned by a washed out actress, who is now settled abroad. Both seem to have a good number of sponsors this year. So we wonder which team this blind item is talking about. But we think it is about the superstar. His last few films have been flopping badly. He is on the verge of being chucked out of Bollywood A-list, unless he doesn’t reinvent himself. Earlier, he had no issues attracting sponsors when he was the reigning box office king. In fact his was the only team which was profitable from the first year itself. But looks like his bad run at the box office is affecting his IPL team as well.

Blind Item

The IPL season has kickstarted and cricket fever is on for the fans of this game. The season starts today (March 23) and for the next two months, all the TV screens will be occupied with cricket matches. IPL always finds itself in news – be it about the teams or the rumours around the celebrities involved. But this time we have heard that this one team particularly has been facing difficulties regarding financial matters. Well, let us explain what this is all about.

This team is one of the most-hyped teams among the others and has been much-talked about due to several reasons. This team is owned by a well-known celebrity and the celeb also has been in the news constantly when it comes to the team. But this year there were some real difficulties faced by the team and its owner. Most of the sponsors of the team have backed off. Not just that in spite of cutting down the sponsorship fee to half, the team is finding it difficult to find sponsors. Even though the celebrity is directly trying to get the sponsors on board, the celebrity is hardly being able to convince them.

We don’t know the fate of the team but we hope that it performs well. Apart from that, this year’s IPL is creating a lot of excitement among the cricket fans as always. Can you guess which celebrity team are we talking about? And if you do know then comment below. For more such updates and news stay tuned to CineBlitz.

Our Guess

Celebrity: Shahrukh Khan or Preity Zinta


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