Blind Item(DNA) – Cold Feet – 14th July

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DNA has published a blind item about a star son again developing cold feet.

His father is the biggest superstar this country has ever produced. At the ripe age of 75 years, the legendary superstar father continues to act in several films. The superstar has seen several ups & down in his career, but always bounces back like the proverbial phoenix. But seems like the adage that talent skips a generation is true in this case. After starring in a few flops, the superstar’s son keeps developing cold feet when it comes to his movie choices(click here to read more)

While commoners think is life is a dream, his actions say otherwise. We do hope this hero is able to gain confidence & make a good comeback.

Blind Item
A superstar beta recently quit a film & was replaced by another industry offspring. While reports are rife that the first actor opted out after his family expressed reservations about the length & importance of the role he had chosen, some industry folks are wondering why the actor-filmmaker decided to take up this movie. The trade says that the original star has been developing cold feet over his original choices once too often. Before this he had opted out of another multi starrer at the nth hour.As far as the second actor who has chosen to step in, we are guessing that he is confident that the occasional extended cameo shouldn’t really hurt his career. After all acting isn’t his only rozi-roti. He can always go back to directing movies.

Our Guess
Superstar Beta: Abhishek Bachchan
Second Actor: Farhan Akhtar

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