Blind Item(DNA) – Hero & His Mentor – 22nd Aug

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DNA has published a blind item about a hero & his mentor having issues with each other.

We are not sure about the celebs in question, but it mostly points at this indie hero-director duo. They both are reveling in the success of their web series, which released on a popular OTT platform. The director is known to be outspoken. His outspoken nature has got him into trouble several times in the past. He is dating a 20 yr old woman. Nothing wrong with it apart from the fact that he is 40+.

The hero on the other hand is rumored to be very narrow minded. He is known for his orthrodox views.

Blind Item
A hero & his mentor cannot see eye to eye at this point. They are trying hard to fool the media into believing that all is well between them. However the protege’ cum dost of the filmmaker-with whom he has shared a long association – is apparently miffed with him for stalling several projects and wasting at least three years of his life. It seems the director-producer who is being toasted for a certain genre keeps giving ” tips to the actor on what films to do & what not to do”.And the actor is kinda fed up. When this will become a huge tamasha is what the industry is waiting to see.

Our Guess
Hero: Nawazuddin Siddique
Mentor: Anurag Kashyap

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