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Blind Item(DNA) – Keeping Tabs – 19th July

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DNA has published a blind item about a superstar who is keeping tabs on the box office collections of a young heart throb’s recent super hit.

The gen-now superstar mentioned in the blind item is either the superstar son of a director, who boasts of a 100% track record at the box office or the superstar who vowed audiences with his antagonist act in a period epic. One of them hooked up with his current GF, despite going steady with someone else(click here to read more). while the other’s current GF is the ex-GF of the superstar who recently delivered a superhit.

The young heart throb’s career was on the wane, but this biopic he starred in has resurrected his career.(click here to read more) While one can’t deny his acting talent, his latest movie is a superhit largely due to the director & the biopic being based on another superstar. We doubt whether his upcoming movies achieve this level of success.

Our bet is on the star who has delivered big hits with a director known for lavish sets. But the question is whether he will be able to deliver hits with smaller directors as well. His hit debut film was directed by a not so big director, but that was ages back.

Blind Item
One Gen-Now superstar is keeping tabs on another’s box office numbers. Actually one of the younger lot of actors was not so happening until a recent mega hit happened to him. So others from the current generation who had overtaken him, were feeling the cats whiskers.

But as it is said in Bollywood, fortune changes every Friday. While the other younger stars are keeping their feelings in check, there is one cocksure gentleman, who is feeling slightly insecure over his rival’s super- success. Frankly he needn’t worry. At this point in time, he has plenty going for him. No one is eating into his share of the pie, at least just yet.

Our Guess
Gen-Now Superstar: Ranveer Singh/Varun Dhawan
Another Gen-Now Superstar: Ranbir Kapoor

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