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Blind Item(DNA) – Movie To Be Re-Shot – 22nd Oct

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DNA has published a blind item about the debut movie of a director’s kin, which will be re-shot as the director is unhappy with how the movie has shaped up.

He is a director known for his grand sets. His movies are expensive, but are big box office grossers. He is known for his extravagant sets & costumes. He knows exactly what he wants & extracts the best from his cast. He has told a fashionista actor’s father that she is unfit to be an actor. But her father pleaded with him not to drop her. A young heartthrob(the fashionista’s co-star) was so hassled by him while shooting for his debut movie that he has sworn never to work with him again.
The young heartthrob’s loss is his rival’s gain. His rival’s collaboration with this auteur has led to huge box office hits & put him in the A-list.

Rumor has it that this director is gay. There was this one dalliance with a noted choreographer. The industry was shocked by it, as the director was known to be gay. But as expected, the relationship did not last too long.

Blind Item

This filmmaker is launching two new faces, one of whom is his kin in his next project. The project is helmed by a director who has gained acclaim for a couple of films. we hear the auteur isn’t happy with the rushes so far. Apparently he believes the director hasn’t risen to his vision & has called for a break in shooting. The scenes will be re-shot. A source informs us ” the scenes will be re-shot & the producer-director will be supervising the shoot this time around. Incidentally this isn’t the first time he has taken control of a project he is producing. Earlier too he wasn’t happy with the way his director friend was directing the movie he was producing. So he stepped in to take control of the project he was producing, to take control of the situation before his buddy wen’t astray in terms of story-telling and the budget.

Our Guess

Filmmaker: Sanjay Leela Bhansali
Kin: Sharmin Sehgal
Director: Mangesh Hadawale


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