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Blind Item(DNA) – The Rebel – 7th August

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DNA has published a blind item about the older child of a bollywood couple turning out to be a complete rebel.

There are two stars who have divorced their wives long time back. While one is part of the ruling triumvirate, the other is now at the fag end of his career as a leading man. The junior among the two is married to a high maintenance A-list actor(click here to read more). The senior star is also married, but has a mistress. The mistress is also his co-star in an upcoming film.

The senior actor’s son has been preparing for his big screen debut, His father is ensuring that his son goes through his bit of struggle before he makes his debut. But his latest pics won’t make you swoon over him. Looks like he has put on a lot of weight. The junior actor’s older child too is an aspiring actor. His sister’s bollywood debut is just a few months away.He was in the news recently for his role in his father’s instagram debut.

Blind Item
Oh Oh what is this we are hearing now? The older child of a Bollywood couple, who long divorced is turning out to be a complete rebel.Naturally this is a cause of concern for the parents. Even though the mother & father have no love lost between them, they both love their children and are worried about how to nurture and tame their rebellious child.

Our Guess
Older Child : Junaid Khan or Ibrahim Ali Khan
Divorced Bollywood Couple: Reena-Aamir or Amrita-Saif

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