Blind Item(Mid-Day) – Limelight Issues – 19th Dec

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Mid-Day has published a blind item about an actor opting out of his TV debut as he thought that another actor was hogging all the limelight.

He is talented, but luck hasn’t been favoring him. It must have been difficult for him to stop hoping for good roles in movies & look towards TV. But after having made the decision, he shouldn’t have backed off. He may not realize it now, but such actions will come to haunt him later.

He is now better known as his daughter’s father & as an uncle of a very popular toddler. We fail to see what the fuss about these babies is all about though!

Blind Item

He’s told the makers that his busy date diary left him with no time for anything else

This young Bollywood actor went to town about his television debut. He was keen to explore the small screen and not jump onto the bandwagon of the digital medium like most actors of his ilk. But days before the comedy show goes on air, he has made a hasty exit. He’s told the makers that his busy date diary left him with no time for anything else. With only one film on hand
currently, the shocked makers wondered what prompted him to do a U-turn.

It didn’t take long for them to realise why he resorted to such drastic measures. The actor felt a well-known comedian, who features on the show, was hogging more limelight than him. He expressed his displeasure that the makers and the channel were only promoting the comedian and not him. Sometimes comedy ain’t laughing matter for all.

Our Guess

Actor: Kunal Khemu
Comedian: Sunil Grover


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